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Mississippi Department of Education

Health Services Resource for School Nurses

Healthy Schools at the Mississippi Department of Education: Health Services

Procedures and Standards of Care

Mississippi School Nurse Procedures and Standards of Care, June 2018, Updated October 2019

A collaboration of the Mississippi Department of Education, the Mississippi School Nurse Association, the Mississippi Board of Nursing, the Mississippi State Department of Health, the Mississippi Nurses Foundation, and the University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing.

Medication Safety at School: Assisted Self-Administration Guidelines, October 2019 
Produced by the Mississippi Department of Education, Mississippi School Nurse Association, Mississippi State Department of Health, University of Mississippi Medical Center, and the Mississippi Board of Nursing

Wellness Policy and Health Council Documents

Healthy Schools Self-Assessment

2021 Wellness Policy Guide

Mississippi State Department of Health


Mississippi Immunization Information EXchange (MIIX)

MIIX User Agreement


School-Based COVID Testing Initiative

COVID Vaccination

CDC: Schools and Childcare Programs

Mississippi Medicaid

Mississippi Medicaid: Health Benefits for Children

Mississippi Medicaid Provider Search


Legislative Action

Mary Kirkpatrick Haskell-Mary Sprayberry Public School Nurse Act of 2007(37-14-7) or School Nurse Intervention Program

House Bill 48 – Mississippi Youth Concussion Law District Implementation Plan
Mississippi Healthy Students Act 2007
Senate Bill 2218-MS Asthma and Anaphylaxis Child Safety Act
Senate Bill 2185 District Implementation Plan for CPR
House Bill 999 - Requiring Sex Ed in Mississippi​
Mississippi School Immunization Requirements
Title 41 - Public Health - Chapter 79 - Health Problems of School Children Head Lice

Legislative action regarding the removal of the cap for National Board Certified School Nurses to receive the salary supplement for certification

The "Strategically Accelerating the Recruitment and Retention of Teachers (START) Act of 2022"

Tobacco Prevention

The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi
Mississippi Office of Tobacco Control

Mississippi Board of Nursing Helpful Links

Mississippi Board of Nursing Home

Mississippi Board of Nursing: Medication in Schools

Mississippi Board of Nursing: Licensed Practical Nurse May Not Function in the Role of "School Nurse"

Mississippi Board of Nursing: RN and LPN

Mississippi Board of Nursing: Frequently Asked Questions Nursing Practice Law


Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi

Asthma for Asthma Health Professionals

Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences (PACEs)

UMMC School-Based Telehealth