• Empowered, Motivated, and Invested: Mississippi School Nurses Enhancing Safety, Health and Learning

    We are heading to the end of the 2023-2024 school year and the MSNA Conference is just around the corner! I am excited to see you all again. With a membership of 200 Mississippi School Nurses (84 new members since June 2022 and 30 new members since MSNA23), I hope to see many familiar faces and even more new faces in Tupelo on June 4-6, 2024. Steven Sroka says it best, "I have the power of one to start a fire, but you need the power of many to keep the fire burning. I am the power of one, WE are the power of many."

    I am excited to share the MSNA24 Conference Agenda with you. The North Region led by New Albany School Nurse, Tammie Reeder, has been working diligently to provide Mississippi School Nurses with an opportunity to receive valuable, evidenced-based information to help us improve our school nursing practice and to assist us in optimizing student health and learning in Mississippi. 

    You all give me hope. You give your students hope. You give your school nurse colleagues hope. YOU are important and valued. Join other "Empowered, Motivated, and Invested" Mississippi School Nurses who are "Enhancing the Safety, Health, and Learning" of Mississippi's students.

    Please visit "Events" tab and select "MSNA Conference" to view or print the agenda, register, and obtain more information.